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On The Road, USA February 9th to March 30th 2006

Christmas Card 2002

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Florence's First Birthday (France)
US trip autumn 2005 (part 1)
US trip autumn 2005 (part 2)
Florence's Christening
Various pictures from Guangzhou, China are here, here and here.
Cambridge visit, May 2005
Florence at Four Months, London
Spring Weekend, Sussex
Florence at Three Months
Christmas 2004: Bognor, Lewes and London
Florence's birthday, London, December 10th. 2004
Rae and Chuck in Cambridge, December 9th. 2004
Rae Armantrout and Fanny Howe in London, December 6th. 2004
Leslie Scalapino in Cambridge, October 11th. 2004
Spud's 90th Birthday, September 2004
Whitechapel Gallery, September 9th. 2004
Gilpin's 60th Birthday, September 2004
Summer 2004 (Bognor, Brighton, Lewes, Cambridge, London)
Albert Street, July 2004
Charles Bernstein at Birkbeck, July 11th. 2004
Bore Place, July 3rd.,4th.and 5th.2004
Cork International Poetry Festival June 25/27 2004
Cork and Kerry, June 23/25 2004
Italy/France June 10th/14th and Newcastle June 16th.2004
Chan Ky-Yut Artist Book Project, June 2nd. 2004
Optic Nerve & Birkbeck CD launch, May 18th. 2004
London, April 27th. -- May 2nd. 2004
Joan Retallack at Birkbeck, April 22nd. 2004
Riva san Vitale, April 17th. 2004
USA Spring 2004 – People
USA Spring 2004 – Objects
Brian Calvin's show at Corvi-Mora Gallery, London
Tilly's 3rd birthday/ visit to Lewes
Llanelli wedding
Newcastle, Tynemouth, Hartside Topp, Fiend's Fell, August 8/10, 2003
Ireland, June 13th to 23rd 2003
A few pictures late after Ric Caddel's funeral, April 11th. 2003
Easter with Gilpin and Gayle
USA January and February 2003
Christmas in Bognor
Cato at fourteen
Cambridge Station, Sunday morning December 8th 2002
Winnetka, Chicago, Northampton, Cambridge, New York (november)
October 16/17, 2002
More photographs from USA, Spring 2002
Western Sunset Poetry Circus, the Baltic, Gateshead, September 2002
Berlin International Literature Festival, September 2002
Sussex, August 2002
Matilda, August 10th 2002
Matilda, June 2002

I have scanned the complete run of INFOLIO (thanks to Emmanuel and Elizabeth in Marseille):
the first (1986, daily) 40 issues are here INFOLIO 1 to 40
the second (October 1986 to November 1987, weekly) 60 issues are here INFOLIO 41 to 100
a third, alphabetical, series was unfinished. Thanks to Tommy Evans I am able to add them here INFOLIO A to P

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Collage, 1989


Collage, Venice

Lloyd Raworth Collection, London (1); William Fuller Collection, Chicago (2 & 3)

TICINO/ITALY 22/29 July 1998

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1. Pio, Giovanni, Moreno (Museum of Art, Mendrisio)

2. Antonella, Franca (Herman Hesse Museum, Montagnola).

3. Pio, Claudio (outside HHM).

4. Rita, Fabrizio, Pio, Claudio (outside HHM).

5. Yevtushenko in Yellow (outside HHM).

6. Pio, Fabrizio, Rita (exhibition of photos by Antonio Ria, inside HHM).

7. Silvia and Malva (Salorino).

8. Silvana, Mei, Tomomi, Shinohara (Salorino).

9. Pio, Claudio, Shino (Salorino).

10. Giona, Fabrizio, Rita (Salorino).

11. Laura (Mendrisio).

12. Laura, Giona (Mendrisio).

13. Nino, Simona (Melzo).

14. Simona, Nino, Mauro (Melzo).

15. Marta (by Lisa, Milano).


1. Antonio Rio outside Mendrisio Art Museum.

2. John Gian in courtyard, Riva san Vitale.

3. Fabrizio and Rita at La Rada, Locarno.

4. Pio and Ziki at home in Salorino.

5. Cato's hammock at Giovanni and Fernanda's, Mendrisio.

6. Geoff Ward, Cambridge.

7 Armando at home in Venice.

8 Chicco at Armando's, Venice.

9. Cato and Beatrice at Gian and Rita's, Venice.

10. Irene at home in Venice.

11. Rita at home in Venice.

12. Gianantonio at home in Venice.

13. Cato's 11th birthday, Cambridge.

14. Aram in Cambridge.

15. Ben and Ollie in Cambridge.

16. Cato at Christmas, Cambridge.

17. Cato and Lloyd, New Year's Eve, Lewes .

18. Grave of Ezra Pound and Olga Rudge, Venice.
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